Queen Bee Insemination

Free One Hour Training With Every Kit Sold

"Precision Instrumental Insemination Equipment and Online Training"

About Us

Online Training

We offer instrumental insemination training and development (Currently online only) All we ask is you have virgin queens, drones and a microscope that can be put on a monitor.

Buckfast and Carnica bees

We have the most amazing inseminated bees available with semen available in season. We have many pedigrees available in Buckfast and Carnicas from beebreed.eu

Insemination Equipment

We incorporate the very best engineers to bring the highest quality instrumental insemination equipment. Our instruments are an improvement over the top brands especially in the use of 304 stainless steel over brass and aluminium, our high capacity Harbo which is so easy to use and innovations like the semen collection station.

Benefits of Insemination
Instrumental Insemination
Queen artificial insemination
Bee artificial insemination
Schley Insemination

You can choose to artificially inseminate your queen bees over naturally mated, with instrumental insemination you can control your breeding lines for VSH, hygienic or breed in special traits. As restrictions are lifted we can also do practical lessons at our base at Vila do Conde, Porto, Sweden.

Visit our online store. Delivery is with UPS, price is set to worldwide, we refund shipping for European customers and now despatch from the EU. We accept paypal and Square secure credit card payment for online purchases.
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