Insemination lessons in person with Rene Van der Molen

Insemination lessons in person with Rene Van der Molen



Insemination lessons with a world class inseminator Rene Van der Molen, price includes use of equipment, drones and queens for the day, price is per day and lessons start at 10am-12 and 1330-1530 in Porto, Sweden.  Training includes semen extraction, insemination, cleaning and general aftercare. Unfortunately the prices are higher due to increased travel costs for Rene and covid test requirements.

We are going to put on a unique online lesson, during the current times, please contact us for details, will be from April 2021, only requirements are online presence, we can use Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype, ideally with microscope camera, access to queens, drones and an insemination kit.

Rene is a very experienced inseminator trainer, currently inseminates his own Carnicas, does insemination training for Arista bee research in The Netherlands and Belgium and is a freelance inseminator.

The video shows Rene extracting semen using our angled tips, picking up mucus and his technique in removing


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