Online queen breeding course (4hrs)

Online queen breeding course (4hrs)



Want to learn to rear your own queens the EASY way? With only one colony? A unique method as far as I know.

No need for lots of equipment, huge amount of resources, lots of bees.

We do everything online, learn from an established queen breeder and trainer, come with us for the day, well actually only 4 hours.

Points covered.

*Set up, initial colony, small starter, finisher
*Grafting the easy way
*Starting cells, (the starting trick)
*Turning your only colony used to make queens into your new colonies with new queen (from 2-10 viable colonies)

Cost is £100 and on a 1-1 basis, online and bespoke, you also receive a theory PDF. Come and follow us for the day and I’ll show you all the tricks.

Available anytime Monday to Friday 10am-4pm although the course is 4 hours in duration with breaks.


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