Premium queen bee insemination kit

Premium queen bee insemination kit



Instrumental insemination kit or otherwise known as artificially insemination kit for queen bees.This is our superior kit, ideal for the multiple inseminator, ideal for bee farmers and a kit with many adjustments. It is made from SAE 304 stainless steel, built to last.  Compatible with Schley and other equipment and made to a very high standard, we use parts from a few manufacturers to bring the best kit available. The kit uses standard luer fittings. We use suppliers from UK and Turkey, and the kit is ready to go with everything you need except CO2 source and Microscope, it includes spare tips, hooks and forceps, the forceps alone cost £150 from Schley and are a huge upgrade to sting hooks usually found on budget plastic, 3D printed or Chinese kits.

The kit includes a CO2 regulator and bubble counter, The CO2 bottle or source is not included but are readily available from aquarium suppliers very reasonably, we used for the last 6 years a converted fire extinguisher  and the regulator fits straight on (W21.8 otherwise known as DIN 477), ready to go.  The  regulator might differ to the one that is on the photo and is the only  Chinese part on the instrument. Adaptors can be purchased locally if you wish to use 12g, paintball canister (9oz, 12oz) soda stream etc.

The microscope is not included. We use various X10 microscopes, and you can get a  reasonable one from ebay from around £160, just a simple x10 microscope is absolutely fine, Zenith, Amscope or Swift with a 24cm focal length gives enough room to work underneath,  there are many others to choose from but beware some microscopes dont  allow working room, you will need a microscope with a light source or use a seperate light, the above Swift  includes two cool LED lights, dont hesitate to contact us for help in choosing. Please note, it is very difficult/impossible to use a microscope with a 2d display screen, you need a scope with oculars.

With this kit you use the syringe mounted on the kit unlike with the Harbo. You get a spares box including a spare internal syringe for the new stainless steel syringe, recently upgraded from aluminium, a queen back up tube, a handheld probe with luer fitting for aiding with the queen, a plastic case containing glass tips and allen keys to make adjustments.

Ideal for beginners or experienced. We stock all spare parts, tips, hooks, syringes, forceps, Harbo kits, tubing, we give advice and we now have an upgraded custom made Harbo kit available. The  kit is guaranteed for 1 year. Video shows kit with and without Harbo.

We send full instructions for use out on delivery, we are currently shipping from the EU or the UK

Worldwide price for shipping set to £50, shipping to Europe £25, we automatically refund postage.


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