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Instrumental Insemination lessons with Rene van der Molen from The Netherlands. Rene usually works with Carnica bees, he teaches insemination for Arista bee research so we are very lucky to have him. In house lessons are £300 per day and include all queens, drones and equipment. Available from February to November
Come and find out how the beefarmers raise their own queens with the least resources possible, and easy! Here we cover setting up bee colonies, grafting, starters, finishers, setting up small mating colonies and everything required to make the best quality queen bees. Cost is £150 per day

Online instrumental insemination lessons

If you can’t come to us, let us come to you. Online insemination lessons available all year. You just need queens, drones and a microscope that you can display the image. We can train, advise and develop your skills cost is £150 and is 4 hours of training and is done over a full day.

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